A little trip away

Tomorrow is the big* (literally a 10 minute drive away) trip to our holiday. I’ve packed the girl’s clothes and my own. Matt and I have got a plan of attack if (when) the girls play up and we’ve both spoken to Darcey about her behaviour whilst we’re away. I hate having to tell her to do things more than once. She just does not listen! It’s like talking to an actual giant brick wall, but she knows I will always follow through with my threats and if she does play up she knows that fun will stop and she will end up being bored at the holiday home.

I’m definitely mostly looking forward to our first proper holiday in nearly four years. With a small child and a baby on tow, I’m sure there will be fun, tears, sick, laughs and plenty of memories. Marnie will have photos to look back on and I’ll make sure to include the ones of her crying (which will most probably be most of them!) bye for now.

*Post written on the 17th September 2017*

Well, we’ve been back home from our holiday for three days. We had such a great time together. Darcey was busy with face painting, cupcake decorating, balance bikes, mini jet skis, discos, a funny man entertainment thing, went on a boat and ate far too much crap food! We managed to get Marnie into a group too, a baby sensory class. She loved it! Darcey and Matt went swimming everyday and even though Marnie had a cold all week, she managed to smile most of the time.

I can’t tell you how many steps we done throughout the whole fives days, but I’m sure it was near 50K. We walked everywhere!! I even managed to break the chain on Matt’s bike. Opps!

As much as I love being on holiday, even though it doesn’t feel like much of a holiday when you have to do the same things you do at home, like sterilising bottles, changing nappies, bathing your babies. I’m looking forward to the days when we can go on holiday, the girls can go off and do their own thing and Matt and I can relax and have a different kind of holiday, but for now this is our life and even though its super hard I still love being a mum and having random things said to me from a three year old. She loved telling us her made up jokes whilst we were away. They were hilariously bad, but these times aren’t going to last long. So I’ll make sure I remember it all and tell them both all about how funny they are now.

Now we’re back I’m thinking about my job and childcare issues that I’m faced with. Why is childcare so expensive in this country? I’m weighing up for and against on working full time at the school and working for Ali’s husband part time and it seems I’m better off working part time than working full time and having to pay costs for two children because although Darcey gets 30 hours free childcare, the childminder she goes to still needs to be able to run her business successfully without any reductions in her costs, which I completely understand, but it makes it so much harder to decide what to do. I know this change won’t be forever and I’m hoping it will all work out the best for our family.

*Post written on 25th September 2017*

Talking to the ducks on our holiday.

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