Have I mentioned how hilarious Darcey is? Well here are some of the Darcey-isms I have since she was about two and half.

Firstly, I thought it was only boys that talked about poo, farts and wee constantly. In actual fact my daughter loves it too!

  1. She had done a huge poo in the toilet and we’re still at the stage where we have to help her wipe. I definitely noticed how big it was and said “Darcey, how on earth do you do such big poops?!” her reply “well, mummy, my bum is very clever!”
  2. Sitting in her bedroom with Matt and we have a routine of asking her what her favourite part of the day was and he asked her like normal and she puts her hand to her chin and says “let me have a think about it” wow Darcey, that’s a really long think! Yes, yes it is daddy; it is a really long think.
  3. She counts really well until the double numbers. It goes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and eleventeen
  4. We had been to the park and Ali  (her god mother and my best friend) came over after we got home and she says to her “Ali, the girl had the same t-shirt as me!” who did? “I don’t know”
  • Another one with Ali, “Ali I got new school shoes” do you go to school then? “No”
  • Ali was teaching her how to play Jenga one day and she gets the idea quite quickly and pulls a brick out and says “ yeyyy!….. I farted!”
  • Ali’s daughter is pregnant with her first baby and we asked Darcey if she thinks it’s going to be a boy baby or a girl baby. “Well I think it’s a boy, or a girl, or a lion or a dinosaur”!
  • “pomatatoes” are tomatoes
  • “Mafizz” massive
  • “smarshmallows” marshmallows
  • I put a clip in Marnie’s hair (she doesn’t have a lot of hair to be fair, but I thought it would be funny for Darcey). Her reaction was to tell me off “mummy what have you done to her, my poor baby. Take it out, you’ve made her grumpy, what did she do to you my baby?!”
  • “windbills” are windmills
  • We went back to the hospital the morning after Marnie was born to get her newborn checks done (as we left early hours of the morning after I had her). Darcey was eating a croissant and says “look what I can do…. with a croissant” and hops on one foot.
  • “stummyache” is tummyache
  • Listening to Harry Styles on the radio and she says “mummy, why do they have to get away?”
  • When she heard Dua Lipa’s song, New Rules she asked, “is she saying I’ve got a Waffle House?”
  • We were eating soft tacos for dinner one night and she holds it to her mouth and says “I’m pretending to be a dog eating from my bowl”
  • The nursery rhyme to pick who is going to be ‘IT’. “Meany Meany minee moe, catch a spider on his toe, if he hoppers, let him go, Meany Meany minee moe”.
  • At one point she couldn’t say fudge, with many attempts by Matt and I, through tears of laughter, it still came out “Vage”
  • Watching Finding Nemo and it gets to the end of the film and she says to herself “talking fish?!” like she was surprised at the very end of the film that all the fish were talking!
  • When she was much younger she couldn’t say popcorn, it came out cockporn. Well, that’s bound to make you laugh!
  • Her favourite jokes, “Why did the cow cross the road? Because it was the chickens day off”
  • “Knock Knock” Who’s there? “Europe” Europe who? “No you’re a poo”.

This girl makes me laugh everyday with the things she comes out with. I know they’ll be many more to add to the list, but that’s the first lot I have.

More of those to update you on later!

Our Family, drawn by a 3 year old Darcey Bear.

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