Darcey’s first sleepover

Darcey has her very first sleepover at her friend; Olivia’s house tomorrow, excited is definitely one word to describe how she is feeling about it. It’s the first time she has been away from me over night and I’m surprisingly calm about it all. I think I’m ready for her to be away for the night. So hopefully things will run smoothly and I won’t get a phone call in the night saying she’s crying and wants to come home.

Well, I never got a phone call and she had a great time and obviously didn’t want to come back once Matt got there ti pick her up. That’s a good sign, right? I shouldn’t be concerned that she actually didn’t want to come home!…. Oh well. I’m glad she had fun and she will want to go again soon, I’m sure.

*Side note – post originally written on 24th October 2017*

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