First Things First…

Firstly, a note to my beautiful girls and wonderful husband. Darcey Bear and Marnie Moo. Mummy loves you so much. Whatever I write on here about you both, good or bad. Just remember that I do love you to the moon and back. Adults just find it hard to deal with situations that are difficult sometimes. This is one of the ways to remember how I’m feeling now and hopefully this stage of my life will end and I’ll be your happy Mummy again.

Darcey, I’m sorry that I get a little cross at you and I’m sorry that you have to share your time with me now. You are such a great big sister and you love Marnie so much. You tell her everyday how much you love her and all of us. You’re the best little helper I have and the best big girl in my life.

Marnie, you are hard work, you cry, moan and whine most of the day and I wake up in the hope that it’ll all stop, but I would do anything for you. I love you equally as much as I do your big sister. I’m sorry that I’m not a great Mummy to you at the moment, but I hope it’ll change fairly soon. I love you so much Marnie Moo.

Matt, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you, without your support. I love you tons! I may not show you everyday, but just know that I do love you with all my heart. I love your random acts of kindness, I love how you are with the girls and I love that you support anything I do. Even if they never fully get very far.

Thank you, my little family.

Love Mummy

Love Faybe

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