Matt is going away without us!

Matt is leaving for America on Sunday. I’m not really looking forward to it, but I can’t wait to have the bed to myself! But seriously, we’ve never been apart for so long and it’s hard knowing he is going to be in a completely different country and in a different time zone. But it may open my eyes to how much he does do and how hard it is when he isn’t here, but I have Ali that has taken a few days off work to help me. I’m looking forward to picking him up from the airport. I have a plan to help Darcey make a banner that says ‘Welcome home, Daddy’. He’s going to love it. Darcey is leaving her child-minder this month too, after being there since she was one it’s going to be a big adjustment for all of us. She is so excited to start school though so I think she will settle in just fine. Marnie is sitting up now, don’t know if I’ve mentioned that already, but she’s already trying to crawl. Sitting isn’t enough, obviously. This girl is old before her time. She is desperate to get going and once she does, they’ll be no stopping her, I’m sure.

7th October 2017

Matt is leaving for America tomorrow and we still haven’t told Darcey. We put off telling her things till the last minute. If we didn’t, she frets about them till the time comes round. So it’s best all round if we tell her stuff when we definitely have to. I’m not sure it’s going to go down too well, as she hates being left by either of us at the moment, she cried on Thursday night because she couldn’t come to netball with me in the evening. She must be going through a phase; well I hope she is anyway. I think it’s going to be tough for her not to see her daddy for nearly two weeks, but we’ve said we will FaceTime whenever we can. So at least we can all have a little chat whilst he’s away. Wish us luck.

16th October 2017

Matt has been away for nine days now and we’re all missing him like mad. But within the time he has been away a lot has happened so far. Darcey has struggled to come to terms that Matt isn’t back every morning she wakes up and asks to talk to him everyday! I’ve enrolled Darcey into Pre School; she starts after the half term and is very excited! We’ve had an emergency visit to the walk-in clinic with Darcey being really poorly on Friday night, complaining of a tummy ache and neck ache, of course the first thing I thought of was Meningitis. But she didn’t have any other symptoms. After a two and half hour wait we were told that it was possibly scarlet fever. Great! She unfortunately missed out on having her first sleep over, but the next day she was absolutely fine, like nothing ever happened, it was crazy! We’ve done some running together, I love that Darcey wants to exercise with me. I’m hopefully giving her a forward start in keeping healthy and fit in her life. And the biggest one, I’ve signed my new work contract and told my old boss that I will not be returning to work after my maternity leave finishes.

With all of that, the one person that’s been with me since Matt couldn’t was Ali. She is just amazing; she has made sure that the girls and I are OK. She was on standby in case Darcey got worse and she is just the greatest friend anyone could ask for, I definitely picked right when I needed a friend and when I needed someone to be the girls’ God Mother. She is perfect for both jobs.

19th October 2017

Matt is back tomorrow! We can’t wait, it’s finally here and we’re so looking forward to going to pick him up from Heathrow in the morning. We have Darcey’s banner ready. I have been checking his flight every half an hour (just to make sure the pilot knows where to go, obviously!) and the house is semi-tidy. Early night needed for the drive down. Looking like a 50-minute trip down there.

20th October 2017

Goodness, I’m up at three am! What’s that all about?! I can’t get back to sleep, so checking Matt’s flight again, he is due in at 9:20am. Back to sleep I try to go.

I did go back to sleep again for a little while. But now it’s half six and Marnie is up having milk and Darcey is up having breakfast. I’ve checked the roads and now it’s going to take just over an hour. Well, if I haven’t said it already, I have to be early for everything. So cue mega rush to get both girls ready and out the door with no fuss. Matt’s flight is on time and we’re heading out the door. Darcey was very excited to be outside “in the night”, as it was still mega dark it was like an adventure.

We got to the airport (without getting lost) at 8:20. The plane landed at 9:17 and we had an hour wait for them to get bags and go through customs, but I’ll never forget what happened when they walked through the gate to us, Darcey was holding her homemade banner that said ‘Welcome Home Daddy’ and as soon as she saw Matt, she ran as fast as she could and shouted “DADDY, I MISSED YOU!” tears built up with the excitement of her little face seeing him properly for the first time in 12 days. So glad I got it on video. So happy to have my little family back together again. FaceTime isn’t the same when your husband is half way around the world.

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