I’m still here

Hi there. Sorry to have been a stranger this whole time! July 2020 was my last post and I’m annoyed I haven’t made more of an effort to come on and blog a bit more. So lots has happened since you last heard from me. But rather than getting into everything, let’s just move forward! So after a busy lead up to Christmas, making stuff. I managed to get enough money to finally buy myself an iPad Pro and get an app called Procreate. I am almost ready to get a new line of items in my stock pile. Stickers and wall art here are a few things I have designed.

I’m hoping to get a few more projects under my belt before I start selling. I also have some stuff that I’ve seen on Pinterest that I’ve re-created.

Credit goes to Chris figer
Credit goes to designical.art

So now I’m here and hoping things will more forward for Bear & Moo.

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