Getting my fitness on!

So I’m almost two weeks into the ‘Insanity’ workouts! And I would like to think I’m doing really well! Ali gave me her old Fitbit with the heart rate tech on it. I love it! I’m in the ‘honeymoon’ stage with it all. Checking it every so often. Using the app, which has new features since I stopped using it a while back! I didn’t get round to doing a workout yesterday, but since the 7th January 2019, I’ve done 12 workouts and played Netball! So a day off is much needed. I’ll be back on it later today. Matt is back at work today since having ‘the snip’. Well. Tonight and I’ll be getting the bed to myself, which is always something to look forward to! We have a busy weekend planned. Darcey has swimming in the morning at the local leisure centre then another 1st birthday party to attend in the afternoon. Sunday is a whole day in London! I’m sure there’ll be lots of steps walked that day! 🚶🏽‍♀️There will definitely be photos to show from our weekend antics!

If there is anything you would like me to talk about. Please drop me a message. I don’t want to clog a newsfeed up with things that bore you. 😵 also if you do like what I’m writing. Please share it with your friends. It’s the only way of getting my name out in this giant planet we call Earth! I’m thinking about doing some Pinterest stuff soon. Baking is a favourite past time! Pinterest is great for amazing recipes. I want to get in on that action too!

Over and out for today. Thank you for sticking with me. 😘

No more babies…

So we came to the decision together a while back that Matt and I don’t want anymore babies. Surprisingly it wasn’t a hard decision. After having Marnie and quickly realising she wasn’t going to be an easy baby, we were 100% positive we didn’t want anymore! We always said if we had Marnie first, she’d be an only child! So today is the day that Matt has taken the plunge to get ‘the snip’. The girls and I have stopped at the local Costa to indulge in a hot chocolate while we wait for him to be done.

He was playing it cool earlier, but I could tell he was nervous about it.

Roll on the next few days.

On a separate note. We’re going to a 1st birthday party later today. Matt won’t come because of… well… you know… ✂️

Netball mad!

Ali and I headed from home just after 10am and smashed our car singing to ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack. We are amazing singers, but will leave our lovely voices to ourselves. We don’t need to steal the spotlight from anyone else. It wouldn’t be fair.

So we’re at the Arena Birmingham watching five games of Netball! Loughborough Lightning, Team Bath, Manchester Thunder, Sirens, Pulse, Storm, Wasps, Celtic Dragons, Stars and our most favourite team MAVERICKS! Mav’s are playing Thunder at 7pm.

It’s so nice to have time away from the girls. I love them dearly, but I knew the day would go from bad to worse when Marnie woke up whinging before I even went in to get her this morning. So today was much needed! They stayed at home with my friend and little boy and had a fab day by the sounds of it all. Hopefully tomorrow will start in s better note.

Well we’re on our way home at 21:45 with a loss at the start of the super league for this season. Not the best start, but they win some, they lose some. We still love Mavericks. Especially those Corbin sisters. They can do no wrong! That’s enough from me tonight. I’m almost home and ready for my bed. It’s been a long day. ZzZz

Where did photos go?

So if you’re a parent or relative of a child you will probably have the same issue as me. What to do with all the random photos of the children on your phone? I will sometimes just delete the random blurry photo, but most of the time I just keep it in the album on my phone, that is until my phone gets angry at me for having only .2 of a GB left and I can’t do anything but watch Pinterest videos of Calligraphy (I actually did do this tonight, it’s a new thing I’m going to try for this year!). What happened to having a camera? You’d fill the film, take it to the printers and within a week they’d be ready for you to pick up and leave in a drawer somewhere around the house! With all the intentions of putting them in a lovely album. Obviously. So every time my phone gets mad at me. I take my photos off my phone put them on my Mac and double back them up on a memory stick. But now I’m thinking to myself – I’d really love to make some albums. Get a few photos printed for the girls to look back on rather than scrolling through thousands. Yes. Literally thousands of bloody photos and videos! They’ll get bored looking through them. I know I do. I should do a dvd of all the videos I’ve filmed too. Oh the possibilities are endless. Or maybe they just end at albums and dvd? I’m not sure. I do have random photos like this one that I would send to Ali with the caption ‘I’m going to make her bankrupt!!’ and forget to delete it. What do I say to Darcey about this one? Oh yes. I remember that day. It was the time you got Junior Monopoly Christmas 2017 and….. Blah Blah Blah. What a boring story! She won’t care if she got a board game one year. She’ll just want to see lovely, funny, mad photos of herself. I’m going to do it. I’m going to get photos printed. Actually printed so I can hold them and flick through all those memories of the girls when they were small for a short time and put them in an album. I’ll report back once this mission is complete!

Darcey is back at school!

So today, Darcey is up and ready to start her day back at school. “I’m so excited to see my teachers! I’ve missed them”

I’m so glad that she loves school. It really does help that I’m not one of those parents who have to bribe her to stay or peel her off my leg while she’s screaming bloody murder because I’m leaving her…. in actual prison!

I would say that I’ve enjoyed a lie in since she’s been off. This is almost far from the truth. She’s still been up before the crack of dawn. We’ve got her a Gro Clock that changes from stars to the sun when it’s time to get up, so I had to change the time of that from six am to 6:30. Half an hour makes all the difference, said no one ever!

Darcey walking to her big school for the first time back in September.

Fast Forward a Year!

Ok, so now I’m up to date with everything here’s an update on the past year. It’s been manic! After Darcey’s 4th Birthday party, we obviously had to start preparations for Christmas, but first we had to finalise our plans for extending the house. We were living in a two bed end of terrace, but needed the extra space and after looking online at houses near us, there was nothing we wanted to move into. We knew that we would be better off extending. So after finding a builder who could do what we needed in our budget, we cracked on in November 2017 and with a few set backs and arguments with said builder, it was final finished in May 2018! It was a hard slog and at one point all four or us were living in one bedroom. It was tough and surprisingly, Matt and I didn’t argue once about it all. We did have to move out, I went to Ali’s house with the girls whilst Matt went to his mother’s house. But we finally got back in and it was all grand! It’s still a work in progress inside with decorating to do in the living room, but we finally have the big kitchen we both wanted, utility room, playroom I wanted for the girls – obviously, and a big double height bedroom we both wanted! Darcey has her own room, but it still desperate to share with Marnie. So now that’s all done, we’re ready to get the back garden done. It’s looking a bit neglected and the fence panels are on their last legs!

The back door is now Patio doors and there is a bit more grass on the ground now. The two windows on the left is the extension.

I went on my first weekend away with ‘The Sizzling Six‘ to Center Parcs. What a weekend that was! ‘The Weekend Away for No Reason’ we had T-Shirts printed and everything!

us. In a phone box. It’s what we do.

Marnie turned 1 and her attitude grew too, I didn’t think that was possible, but it was. It seemed like she was turning a corner at one point when she could tell us what she wanted. Words she can say now: Mama, Dada, More, Please, No, Ta, Love You, Bowl, Drink, Teddy, Football, Woof, Miaow, Chocolate. She has the attitude and strops that could give a 16 year old a run for their money, but she will smile at me and it just melts my heart. But she’s still a madam (putting it lightly!) and I do still struggle with her on a daily basis! But she’ll get there, hopefully and this will all just be a distant memory. She says with hope and crossed fingers!!

Our walls still need painting, if you know anyone…

Matt’s dad has been unwell for the most of 2018 and was taken into hospital on Mothers Day and ended up leaving on or just after Fathers Day. It’s been a tough year for them and we have made sure his step mum was coping with it all and he made regular trips down to London to see him as much as he could! He came out and was recovering slowly, but doing so well. We saw them at Christmas and he seemed to be unwell again and we were told by his step mother that he was taken in again on NYD! So another uncertain time worrying about what’s going on with him.

We had a lovely 1st Christmas in our big house and had family over for a big meal! It was fun to entertain, but so tiring! Not sure if I’m up for that again this year. I need an emoji!

Father Christmas thought Darcey deserved some presents in 2018. I didn’t!

So now we’re in 2019 and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to this year. I love birthdays and can’t wait for Marnie to turn 2 in April. My birthday is in March, Matt’s is in July and Darcey’s is October. I don’t do New Years Resolutions, but I did make a promise to myself that I would be 2 dress sizes smaller before this Christmas! Now I’ve put it out there, I have to stick to it. I WILL stick to it. I’ve got the full set of INSANITY DVD’s and I’m looking forward to getting back into doing them everyday with Matt again! Oh and also it’s England’s turn to host the Netball World Cup this year and I’m travelling to Liverpool with Ali for the weekend in July to watch a few games of Netball! Mega excited about that!! Not sure if I’ve mentioned it in a previous post, but I love Netball! It was my first love before meeting Matt. Ive been playing since I was 16. I was late starting, but as soon as I did, I never stopped! There’s me back tracking again. Any way, back to now, what was I saying? Yes, so this year is going to be great! I even might start a new business. More on that anther time, if I get round to doing it.

Back to being a Wife.

Our firstyear of marriage was testing for me. It seemed to test my love for matt. I feltlike we were just going through life just living together, we argued a lot too!(He would always say our arguments are nothing like he’s had in previousrelationships, but they seemed big to me).

I felt like I didn’t love him anymore. It was an awful thing for me to think, of course I loved him, I still do. I couldn’t imagine my life with out him. He is a great husband, so thoughtful. He’ll surprise me with random acts of kindness and it reminds me how lucky I am to have him and to have had children with him. He is a great daddy to both girls.

*side note – This post was originally written on the 29th August 1017*

Updates to come…


Darcey’s 4th Birthday

Wow. I can’t believe this child is four already! Where did that time go. I’m sure I’ll be saying this every year!

So this years theme is Trolls. I’m sure every child is obsessed with the film of tiny trolls with massive hair who take on the Burgens to make the world a happier place! Not that I’ve watched it many times *Cough! Cough!*

We’re all super excited for her Party at a local indoor play area that we attend quite a bit at the moment. So much that I’m sure we’re entitled to a free party!

So Darcey had a great time and we practically had the place to ourselves!

One of my hardest cake makes! But she loved it!

*Side note – Post originally written on 28th October 2017*

Darcey’s first sleepover

Darcey has her very first sleepover at her friend; Olivia’s house tomorrow, excited is definitely one word to describe how she is feeling about it. It’s the first time she has been away from me over night and I’m surprisingly calm about it all. I think I’m ready for her to be away for the night. So hopefully things will run smoothly and I won’t get a phone call in the night saying she’s crying and wants to come home.

Well, I never got a phone call and she had a great time and obviously didn’t want to come back once Matt got there ti pick her up. That’s a good sign, right? I shouldn’t be concerned that she actually didn’t want to come home!…. Oh well. I’m glad she had fun and she will want to go again soon, I’m sure.

*Side note – post originally written on 24th October 2017*

Matt is going away without us!

Matt is leaving for America on Sunday. I’m not really looking forward to it, but I can’t wait to have the bed to myself! But seriously, we’ve never been apart for so long and it’s hard knowing he is going to be in a completely different country and in a different time zone. But it may open my eyes to how much he does do and how hard it is when he isn’t here, but I have Ali that has taken a few days off work to help me. I’m looking forward to picking him up from the airport. I have a plan to help Darcey make a banner that says ‘Welcome home, Daddy’. He’s going to love it. Darcey is leaving her child-minder this month too, after being there since she was one it’s going to be a big adjustment for all of us. She is so excited to start school though so I think she will settle in just fine. Marnie is sitting up now, don’t know if I’ve mentioned that already, but she’s already trying to crawl. Sitting isn’t enough, obviously. This girl is old before her time. She is desperate to get going and once she does, they’ll be no stopping her, I’m sure.

7th October 2017

Matt is leaving for America tomorrow and we still haven’t told Darcey. We put off telling her things till the last minute. If we didn’t, she frets about them till the time comes round. So it’s best all round if we tell her stuff when we definitely have to. I’m not sure it’s going to go down too well, as she hates being left by either of us at the moment, she cried on Thursday night because she couldn’t come to netball with me in the evening. She must be going through a phase; well I hope she is anyway. I think it’s going to be tough for her not to see her daddy for nearly two weeks, but we’ve said we will FaceTime whenever we can. So at least we can all have a little chat whilst he’s away. Wish us luck.

16th October 2017

Matt has been away for nine days now and we’re all missing him like mad. But within the time he has been away a lot has happened so far. Darcey has struggled to come to terms that Matt isn’t back every morning she wakes up and asks to talk to him everyday! I’ve enrolled Darcey into Pre School; she starts after the half term and is very excited! We’ve had an emergency visit to the walk-in clinic with Darcey being really poorly on Friday night, complaining of a tummy ache and neck ache, of course the first thing I thought of was Meningitis. But she didn’t have any other symptoms. After a two and half hour wait we were told that it was possibly scarlet fever. Great! She unfortunately missed out on having her first sleep over, but the next day she was absolutely fine, like nothing ever happened, it was crazy! We’ve done some running together, I love that Darcey wants to exercise with me. I’m hopefully giving her a forward start in keeping healthy and fit in her life. And the biggest one, I’ve signed my new work contract and told my old boss that I will not be returning to work after my maternity leave finishes.

With all of that, the one person that’s been with me since Matt couldn’t was Ali. She is just amazing; she has made sure that the girls and I are OK. She was on standby in case Darcey got worse and she is just the greatest friend anyone could ask for, I definitely picked right when I needed a friend and when I needed someone to be the girls’ God Mother. She is perfect for both jobs.

19th October 2017

Matt is back tomorrow! We can’t wait, it’s finally here and we’re so looking forward to going to pick him up from Heathrow in the morning. We have Darcey’s banner ready. I have been checking his flight every half an hour (just to make sure the pilot knows where to go, obviously!) and the house is semi-tidy. Early night needed for the drive down. Looking like a 50-minute trip down there.

20th October 2017

Goodness, I’m up at three am! What’s that all about?! I can’t get back to sleep, so checking Matt’s flight again, he is due in at 9:20am. Back to sleep I try to go.

I did go back to sleep again for a little while. But now it’s half six and Marnie is up having milk and Darcey is up having breakfast. I’ve checked the roads and now it’s going to take just over an hour. Well, if I haven’t said it already, I have to be early for everything. So cue mega rush to get both girls ready and out the door with no fuss. Matt’s flight is on time and we’re heading out the door. Darcey was very excited to be outside “in the night”, as it was still mega dark it was like an adventure.

We got to the airport (without getting lost) at 8:20. The plane landed at 9:17 and we had an hour wait for them to get bags and go through customs, but I’ll never forget what happened when they walked through the gate to us, Darcey was holding her homemade banner that said ‘Welcome Home Daddy’ and as soon as she saw Matt, she ran as fast as she could and shouted “DADDY, I MISSED YOU!” tears built up with the excitement of her little face seeing him properly for the first time in 12 days. So glad I got it on video. So happy to have my little family back together again. FaceTime isn’t the same when your husband is half way around the world.