So it begins…

So. I’m almost ready to get Bear&Moo officially off the ground. I’ve found a company to supply the t shirts. I’ve got my Cricut Maker and a vinyl supplier too. I’ve already made some stuff for the girls and they’ve been out and we’ve had a few laughs at Marnie’s top already. Especially when she’s crying (Which is most of the time we’re out). I’m pleased with most of the prints I’ve done, but noticed Marnie’s croc one did lift off in the wash (I didn’t tumble dry it), so will try and overcome that issue on the first print.

Matt is on top of the Social Media side, but I’m thinking of getting Bear&Moo on Instagram too. All new territory for me.


So in the last few weeks Marnie has become the spawn of something terrifying! We went out birthday present shopping for a friend of Darcey’s this afternoon and Marnie has decided that seat belts are for wimps. Like seriously… what is her issue with a seat belt?! I don’t understand it. Darcey was never the kind of child to try and get out of her buggy, car seat, high chair. None of that. So this is all new to me. How do you stop a child trying to escape a belt that’s there to save their lives?! Someone please give me some advice. I knew this was a thing, but it’s terrifying that she could escape whilst I’m driving!

Apart from the dramatic change in Marnie, I feel things are in the up with us as a family. I have my new Cricut machine and I’m designing stuff to start selling. At the moment I’ve got a lot of cake toppers and t shirt slogans and stuff ready to print. Just need the t shirts to print them on. I’m in the hope that I can get hold of a sewing machine so I can get creating with fabric too. I’m excited for this part of my life to get going.

Darcey isn’t six yet, but thought it was a good opportunity to practice a cake topper. First attempt is pretty good, I think. 🤔

I have to apologise for not being active the past few weeks. Please don’t hold that against me, it’s just been a bit busy. What with Marnie turning into a brat again (Not sure she stopped to be honest). And it’s almost the end of the school year for Darcey. So I’ll be back with things we’ve made for the teachers to say ‘Thank you’.