Back to School!

Finally the 4th September was the first day back after the summer holidays! Darcey is now in year 1. And so far the feelings are excited and happy! She likes her new teacher, but not as much as her first teacher (no one will compare!). We had a meeting last night with her teacher to find out what they need to learn over the next school year.

  1. Number bonds to 10 & 20
  2. Times tables
  3. More reading
  4. More phonics
  5. Different topics such as
    The Great Fire of London
    What lives in our oceans?
    And probably something else that I’ve forgotten!

She was given a place at her lunch time club called Lunchtime Angels where they learn about the Bible and do crafts related to what they’re learning that week.

Also this weekend Darcey finally got to Yellow Hats in swimming! She is so excited to finally get her hands on that elusive yellow hat. So this weekend is the start of being in the big pool.

All in all a great first week of school.

We had a birthday party with Cook Stars. The children made their own cupcakes and got to decorate them too. She’s a star baker now. Next step ‘The Great British Bake Off’.

Making money

So I’ve read, tried and tested most things online to make money. Stocks were popular with me a couple of years ago. Tag lines such as ‘easy was to make £1000 in a month’ do catch your eye and make you want to read the blog attached to it, but you have to either watch a video that last 30 minutes about how the stock market works and how “they” don’t want you to know how easy it is or you have to invest your own money. Obviously. The whole reason people look for things like this is because they have no money and want to get some quick. So stocks was definitely a No-Go for me. After watching said video. I still had no idea on how the stock market works and I didn’t want to lose all my money… You know… The money that I don’t have.

The next venture was filling out surveys. Oh my goodness. You have to fill out 1000’s of surveys to even make a living! The ones I was finding were only giving out pennies for each survey I filled out. I had enough of that after about a week. What’s the point?!

Because you all know I’m a self named ‘Pinterest Mum’. This great app has recently been giving me Pins for Affiliate Marketing links. So I’ve read up on this and researched A LOT. Like I do with anything new. So basically you can sign up with companies that will give you a list of other companies who will give you a commission to promote their business or product. Great! I could start making money before the day was out. I’ve been doing it for a day now and nothing. Is it my lack of push, is it my lack of followers, is it because it doesn’t really work? Who knows?!

I just know that if you want something. You just have to work hard to get it. No one is just going to hand you money for nothing. Are they?!

On a lighter note. We had a fab time at a forest school yesterday.

The girls made Stick Man! We love the story. Actually we love anything that Julia Donaldson writes.