Wow! I haven’t been around for ages! Sorry about that. Things have just been going full speed for a while. Well maybe not quite full speed, just at a normal speed and I’ve forgotten about my blog… yes. That’s the real reason. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Ok, so since my last post there has been big news for the world. Yes, bloody Coronavirus has ruined our lives for the foreseeable future! We have been in lockdown for a week in the U.K and homeschooling is going well so far. Darcey has learned lots, let’s just hope I feel the same way in another week. How on earth do home schooling parents do it!? I applaud you all! If you have any tips for me, fire away. Please.

I have kept up with my running and trying to run 5k if not everyday, every other day. We’re allowed out for exercise, essential shopping and to collect medication. Both Matt and I have been furloughed from our jobs. But apparently the government is going to pay 80% of our wages until we can go back to work. So I’m feeling optimistic about not having a job at the moment. I’m seeing this short time in lockdown as an opportunity to broaden the girls learning and also my own. I have recently downloaded the ‘Duolingo’ app and learning Spanish. I feel that now is the time to do things you wouldn’t normally have time to do when one is working and being a parent. Get your minds working too. I love all the live lessons online and we’ve all joined in with Oti and her dance classes from her house. Maddie Moates and her Science lessons, today’s one was about how poo is made (Darcey particularly loved this one) and we’ve joined with various toddler classes, Toddler time, rag dolly Anna’s and more.

I hope you are all keeping well and making sure your family are entertained at this uncertain time. You’re all doing fantastically now! Just keep up the good work.


So we’ve come back from a week on holiday at a Haven Park. Matt’s dad has a caravan at one in Kent, so we took full advantage again this summer. We arrived on Monday 19th and came home yesterday, Sunday 25th. The girls had a blast. Darcey’s most favourite part was the 2p machines. I dread to think how much we actually spent on those machines. Arcades are great, but I do tend to get a bit addicted to just mindlessly walking around putting coins in to win prizes. My weakness is a grabbing machine. You know the ones. It’s packed full of teddies and you know you won’t win, but after the 6th pound coin you’ve put in and could have probably got it cheaper in the shops you think. Damn. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Equally we made some great memories with the girls. Darcey tried lots of things. She had a go at an inflatable course in a swimming pool, Aqua gliders, fencing, archery, went on a big hunt and a treasure hunt and even had a go on a Go-Kart. She was brilliant at it and I’m even thinking of buying her one. Shhh. Don’t tell Matt! Marnie was too young for most things, but next year she will have a chance at all of the above. We went down to find some crabs and had a little visit to Fenn Bell zoo.

They partied every night at the disco, with Rory the Tiger, Greedy the Gorilla, Polly the Lifeguard, DJ Ned & Anxious the Elephant. We tried our luck at Bingo Beats, but no Lucks were given! 😵

All in all the week was a success, a few tantrums from the girls, but we couldn’t go a week with no dramas, what family does?!