Lockdown continues…

Hi and good morning from a sunny and boiling hot Bedfordshire! I just wanted to check in with everyone and just update on what I have been doing recently. We’re now allowed to see one friend outside our household, so obviously I have met up with Horan twice recently, at a social distance of 2 metres of course. We talk about all the random stuff, such as how long are elephants pregnant for? All the important stuff, obviously. And we walked past the field where a herd of cows practically chased me away a few weeks ago! Have I mentioned that yet?! It was hilarious, yet terrifying at the same time! Darcey was clinging onto my hand her for life and tried (but failed) to stop herself from crying in terror, Marnie said she never wanted to see a cow again in her life and Matt couldn’t stop his nervous laughing! A great story to tell the girls when they’re older!!

I have been researching stuff about the underactive thyroid I have, because recently I have been losing a lot of hair! Turns out I didn’t really take anything in about it so will visit the doctor when lockdown is finished. I don’t think it will be right for me to go in and see them right now, considering what is going on. I miss my long thick hair so much! As much as I hated it in the summer, I miss styling my hair other than putting it up in a bun or ponytail all the time.

I’ve now got an Instagram account for Bear&Moo ( @bear_and_moo_ ) and I’m posting more photos on there with the makes and crafts I’m working on, so head over and send some love, please and thank you!

I’m hoping to get some ‘How To’ videos on the go soon, so do also look out for those.

Also, have you noticed a little refresh on the site? Revamping the font and colour scheme is easier on the Mac rather than the mobile app.

What a weekend!

So the weekend started with Darcey swimming. Saturday morning. Nine am! She’s doing so well and managed to swim without a float again this weekend! Super proud. Hopefully she’ll be going up to the next hat fairly soon, which she’s super excited about!

The afternoon was lovely, with a party for my friends little girl and catching up with a couple of the girls I used to work with at the school. After having a chat about being mums, it seems to me that I’m not the only one who struggled with a baby. I always knew I wasn’t the only one, but it’s comforting to know I’m not alone when it comes to the emotions that comes after having a baby. One of the girls I spoke to said that she was in complete shock when she had her first child. She wanted to have her old life back, wanted to just be her own person and not have to wake up in the night and deal with a vomiting, crying baby. The freedom she had before her first child was greatly missed! I loved having Darcey. But it was after having Marnie all those same feelings came about. If anyone is struggling with a first baby, second or if you’re crazy, third baby+. Just know. You’re not alone!

Anyway. Back to the rest of my weekend. So today was a day in London Town with Matt, the girls, sister and brother in law, their boys and matts mum and step dad! It’s started off heading to the train station for ten o’clock. Went to the platform the screen told us to go to. I quickly noticed that there was no way a train could get to the platform we were on. There was a huge STOP sign on the track. So after asking the guard at the top of the stairs. “Yeah it’s been changing all morning. It’s platform 3”. So over the bridge we go. With a coffee, two babychinos and a buggy! Only to be told that no, in fact the train will come along on the 1st platform. So back over we go. Still unsure that was the right decision. Announcement over the tannoy “the train now approaching platform 3 is the 10:00 service to St Pancras”. 🤦🏽‍♀️ “Right. Run Darcey!” I pick the buggy up. Run up the stairs with Darcey and rush her back down whilst the train is just about approaching the platform. The doors open and we’re half way down the stairs! “Hurry up, Darcey!” We made it! The children sat down and played a game of Harry Potter Top Trumps (the best Top Trumps!) and the surprisingly quick journey to London began.

Once we got to London, it was a slow walk down to the underground to catch a train to Knightsbridge to spend the day at the Science Museum. Darcey liked parts of it, but she managed to spend most of her time acting like she was a pre teen. “Ow I’m bored, I already know that, pick me up, I know”, but she loved the interactive parts. My nephews were well into it all though. Which was great to watch! I’m not quite sure what Darcey will be interested in yet. There’s nothing really that I can think of that’s she’s desperate to want to learn. When does that happen? How does that happen? I’ve tried to get her excited about things like Netball, dance, drawing. Nothing really captures her attention. 🤷🏽‍♀️

My Sister in Law and I played a great game of “bogies”. If you don’t know the game. It’s great. You walk around a public place (normally a library or supermarket) anywhere works. And take it in turns to say “bogies” until you’re actually shouting it. The person who can say it the loudest, wins. Simple, yet hilarious game! I won every game we played. Obviously. 😏

14k steps later. We got home and the girls are going to bed at 7:30pm. I’m knackered. Matt is sore and the girls are still bouncing around! Why?! How?!

Goodnight! 😴